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HOOKOLO Pre-Order Gift Card

HOOKOLO Pre-Order Gift Card

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Elevate your running experience with our cutting-edge running shorts, meticulously designed for performance and sustainability. Crafted with high-quality recycled polyester, sourced from discarded plastic bottles, these shorts are engineered to be functional, wick moisture, provide exceptional comfort, and ensure unrestricted movement during your runs.

Partnering with a renowned manufacturer, who creates sportswear for FIFA, Olympic teams, and Ironman, guarantees top-tier quality and craftsmanship.

Gift Card Benefits:

  • Extra Early Bird Advantage: First 40 buyers enjoy an exclusive 36% discount at just €35.
  • Early Bird Discount: Subsequent buyers can secure a 27% discount, priced at €40.

Why Choose the Gift Card?

  1. Size Flexibility: No need to choose your size just yet.
  2. Future-Ready: Keep the gift card for upcoming products.
  3. Test Products: Be at the forefront of testing during refinement and production.

Your pre-order makes our dream a reality. We can't do it without you.

Pre-orders finish on the last day of October! 

The shorts are expected to be ready in spring 2024.

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